What does the future hold?

Just returned from camping for a few days with some of my besties . .. had a great time, even though it rained yesterday and I was soggy and cold all day.
Prior to that I was in Nelson, BC for a week. The 16 hour bus ride there and back was killer.
But aside from that it was AH- MAZING! I was visiting a good friend/ex-gf and we had such a great time. I got to go to the wedding reception of two people I have never met but were gracious enough to have me at their special day. It was easily one of the greatest parties I have ever been to. Even though they don't read this blog, I say many thanks to them for having me there.
Coming back to the city today from camping I realized that I have been at home maybe 2 1/2 weeks total so far this summer. Which is just fine with me. I missed my bed and my beasts but Andrew summed my feelings about coming home today perfectly when he asked if I was feeling glad to be home, but sad that this is my home. That is definitely true!   I could not be any more done with this city, the most of people in it and the lack of anything interesting for me here.Nelson was so beautiful. It is exactly the type of place I could see myself living. The place we were looking to move to in NS is likely very similar. However, Andrew has mentioned a desire to return to school and take pharmacy tech training...and the college by Nelson offers an excellent program ... sooo  hmmmm, what could that mean?