quickie pros and cons

So much to say, as I haven't written  in almost a month, but it has been one hell of a month.
I am in Nelson and there is a lot to talk about. I have had a lot of experiences since I have arrived here that I didn't expect, both good and bad. It is too late to write much now but I thought I would just break it down a little in a neat "pros" and "cons" list.

-It has cost me way more to move here than I initially anticipated so now I am a bit worried about money.
-The suite that I rented, sight unseen, was definitely not what I was expecting.
-I miss Andrew and Agent.
-There are spiders here that could give my dog a run for her money and they like to get on my bed.
-There are mice and although I have not seen one in my suite, I am about 98% sure one has died in my walls and my house REEKS all the time.
-I live a lot more uphill than was expecting, so walking home from downtown is killer hard.

-It is beautiful here in the fall, I have never seen so many colors, I love it.
-The lady renting me my suite, who lives upstairs, is intensely nice and we seem to get on well.
-I get to spend a lot of time with my awesome friend ( who has no fancy blog name) and I am really, really enjoying that.
-It feels really great to have so much personal space.
- I have met a few really awesome people so far and look forward to meeting more.

So thats all for now, hopefully I will get back in to doing this with some regularity again soon.