Those who can't, blog.

I used to paint a lot ..about 10 years ago. I was never an amazing artist, and there were a lot of people better than me, even in my high school art class. However, I was always told that even though the technique was not there and my sense of symmetry was non-existent, I had talent to paint. I believe that to be true. So I started painting again since moving, after not doing it , at all, for 10 years. It has really helped me to remain calm, because ADHD-wise..things have been getting progressively harder since I moved here and don't have Andrew to keep me in line and at least somewhat calm and focused (that is a whole other thing to write about in some other post) ...so I seem to be having a problem with my painting that I remember having before. I kinda paint something and it looks really good, the brush strokes are fluid, the light is bouncing off it in just the right way and I start to think I am pretty awesome at this game..but then I have to paint more and thats when it all falls apart. It gets muddy, it gets flat and boo..I start to mix my colors fast and wash my brush off in my water jar with a great deal of force and roughness..cause I am mad that I lost that beautiful stroke, that perfect stroke and how am I ever going to get it back? BAH! I am getting mad just writing about it.