Event Horizon

So it kind of just hit me. I might be moving to Nelson as soon as a week from now. Wow. I am excited and nervous and anxious.It seems like I am standing on the event horizon of a black hole of the unknown. I am excited because I have been waiting for what seems like forever to make it happen, even though it has actually only been a few months ( but for someone with no patience for things, it seems like an eternity), I am excited for all the potential for new adventures and memories and stories. I am also really nervous. I have been living in Edmonton since I was 20 years old and even though I have been anxious to leave for awhile, the possibility of doing so has never seemed so real, so imminent, as it is now. It's not even a possibility anymore, it is a fact. Because I am going ahead of Andrew by almost a year, I am going to be totally alone in living for the first time in ... 6 years, if you count room mates and such that I have lived with. It's a wild and scary exciting thought. I am so happy that my friends (who I don't have special blog names for, so they shall be referred to as "The friends") are there and that they seem excited for my arrival as well. That is going to make it much easier I know. I am going to miss Andrew, just the fact of having someone with you all the time. I know that I am going to enjoy this all and I am confident I can do it but ...it's ok to be a little scared, isn't it?

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