Home sweet home.

I got a call today that made my week, my month, my year! I was in the running for a 2 bedroom basement suite in Nelson and suffice to say it was a bit of an up and down situation. The landlord (land lady? land person?) had posted the ad and got an overwhelming response, far beyond what she had expected. So, despite the fact that we seemed to get on well on the phone, and after much calling back and forth and exchanging of emails, she decided to rent in to a young couple there. I understood and there was no hard feelings, but I was a little bummed about it. Then about an hour later she called to say the people she was going to rent to had flaked out on her and the suite was back up for the taking. We spoke at length and I was really pleased that she thought to call me first, after all, there are a lot of people looking for places to rent in Nelson. In any case, she asked if I would like to have it and outlined what would need to be done in order for me to secure it for myself. I agreed to the terms and also agreed to move out a month earlier than I had intended to, which is fine really because I can't wait to just get out there. So I spoke to Andrew about the whole thing and with a little twisting and turning of finances, I was able to offer her the deposit she had asked for and now the rental agreement is sitting in my email inbox waited to be printed and signed and sent off back to her.

She sounds just lovely and we seem to share a sense of humour, which I am really pleased about.
I now just need to find a way to get there and... the best bit is, I can take Jezebel with me!

Wish me luck, my non existent readers, and know that if you want something bad enough, the Universe will provide.

Oh and when I got the news, this is the dance I did, just so you know

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